Make it a Game: Flash Cards! Word Searches

Word Searches Birthday Card

Flash Cards! Word Searches less is more, lucky readers, especially during a time of the year like this when between birthdays, graduations, and father’s day (and all of the thank you notes needed for these events) you need your card stash to multiply like rabbits. I’m just that crafty friend of yours, here to help as always. This is the design I’ve been using for this year’s festivities. It is super fun, and clever enough for people to be impressed πŸ˜› – I’m going to show you how easy this is to do with stamps, but I’ll make a couple […]

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Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater

Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater pairs well with a maxi skirt

NOTE! I have introduced a $1.00 version of this pattern on Ravelry. It is print-friendly, nicely formatted, and more informative. Triple Tucked Crochet Sweater I’ve had this vision, lucky readers, of making a summery version of this free people sweater I’ve had for years. Can we talk about this sweater for a minute? I love it so much. It’s attractively fitted, I just love the beading across the top, the ridged motif at the bottom, and how the stitching is just spaced enough to show off your favorite bralette. But I’m not really an advanced pattern creator, so I had […]

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Make it Art Nerdy: Mondrian Piggy Bank

bank with assorted money

Mondrian Piggy Bank I recently got back from Amsterdam, lucky readers, where I was inspired by pretty much all the things. I’ve had this blank white piggy bank sitting around because I needed a place to stash the coins from all of my tips because #waitresslife. So it became the victim of one of my creative attacks. Even if you don’t know who Piet Mondrian is, or that he was a Dutch painter, you’ve absolutely seen this motif before. And if you haven’t, you can find out more at this link. They even copied his work at the Keukenhoff Tulip […]

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Fashion Upgrades- Boho Sleeves

Modeling boho sleeves

Fashion Upgrades- Boho Sleeves there is no excuse for lame sleeves, lucky readers, not while you have me in your life. Today’s post was inspired by those lovely thermal sweaters Free People makes around Winter time. But it’s not thermal weather, and honestly it’s too easy not to just do yourself. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about right now, we’ll just get to the program. I used a simple shirt from the gap, a couple of coordinating cotton fat quarters, and a pretty floral lace. If that doesn’t just scream millennial fashion, than you are probably […]

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Make it Entertaining: Chalkboard Cheese Plate

sopressata and havarti

Chalkboard Cheese Plate Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog, lucky readers, is a palandromically applicable phrase for today’s post, which is not something I can often say. We’re talking diy cheese party, people, and this is the easiest possible way for you to class things up fast. So grab some chalk paint, make a quick chalkboard cheese plate, and you can bet your gorgonzola that your friends will be like “holy Oaxaca”, this girl’s gouda…or guy…guy’s gouda…inclusivity only here. you get the point. I pulled this plate out of the trash at my restaurant, rejected for a tiny […]

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Flash Cards! Henna Hollas

flash cards! henna hollas  I’m on holiday, lucky readers, as the good people of this country would call it. So you won’t be hearing from me much for the next couple of weeks.  But I do have a quick post… Just in case you need some Mum day card ideas πŸ˜‰  Hope you enjoy. Tally ho XoπŸ€, lindsey mae  flash cards! henna hollas Henna patterns are really simple to free hand, which makes them great for crafting simple cards. You could do this in pen, but 3D paint gives more appeal. Materials- fabric or 3D paint note cards henna template- […]

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Flash Cards! Chalky Wishes

flash cards chalky wishes pin image

Flash Cards Chalky Wishes We are rocketing πŸš€, lucky readers, into the frenzy of birthdays and parent holidays and weddings and popsicle celebrations that is summer. Ok so I’ve never had a popsicle celebration, but this year it is going to happen…and the real point is that we are already at the end of April! So you need to have your card arsenal prepared. And I’ve got your back. I design the chalkboards for the restaurant I work at and when I finish a design, I always think about what a cool card it would make. Here, I’ve simplified things […]

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Gold Tinge Painted Bottles

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles pin image

Gold Tinge Painted Bottles 😱 ☺️   xoπŸ€, lindsey mae Gold Tinge Painted Bottles Where do I find pretty bottles? Support Local! Search your town for: juice shops – many specialty juicers sell their fresh juices in glass bottles olive oil stores – olive oils and balsamic vinegars, for whatever reason, tend to get unique glass containers grocery stores – go on a scavanger hunt! look at alcohol bottles, soda bottles, or even any foods that come in jars for pieces that will fit in with your collection And of course, you can always buy online Materials- Acrylic paint – […]

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Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades Lace Top Cami

Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami And we’re back, lucky readers, from a long and lovely London vacay, and in honor of new beginnings I’m starting a new series of fashion upgrades…Entirely unrelated to the fact that as a child of the west coast, I dress in miserably casual comparison to London-ites. Entirely unrelated. Fashion Upgrades will be easy, fast ways to personalize clothes you already own. And to start off, we have an easy camisole adjustment. This took me about 20 minutes…you could even squeeze it in before work! you got this. xoπŸ€, lindsey mae Fashion Upgrades- Lace Top Cami […]

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Web Crochet Bandeau Straps

Web Crochet Bandeau Straps my latest fashion obsession, lucky readers, has been those adorable bralettes with the intricate lace backs. Show me a dress that doesn’t benefit from a great bralette and…I’ll actually probably agree with you, as I’m confident there are some heinous exceptions to my rule. But by and large, they are THE summer accessory, along with a unicorn frappacino and some super shiny Birkenstocks (currently accepting donations of all of these…note that no Starbucks baristas were stressed for the creation of this post). And that is why, I had to add my own twist. This web crochet […]

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Cascading Crystal Earrings

cascading crystal earrings pin image

Cascading Crystal Earrings it was another late night of parks and rec, lucky readers, so today’s post comes to you with a groggy mind and blue-ish eyes. But I guarantee you my coworkers won’t notice because they’ll be too distracted by my awesomely lovely cascading crystal earrings. And while that may be the overstatement of the day, this isn’t: making your own jewelry is really easy, lucky readers. After the initial investment (I say that, but they really are so affordable) in jewelry pliers and a few findings, you only need to know a couple of few easy techniques to […]

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Pineapple Mango Strawberry Sangria

Pineapple Mango Strawberry Sangria Pin Image

sometimes I buy a bottle of rose, lucky readers, and sometimes I don’t love it. say what?? no. I’m serious. and you’ve been there, too. Sometimes bottles of wine don’t work out. That is the magic of wine- not knowing what you’re gonna get (there’s a chocolate box reference in there somewhere, but I’m resisting). So there’s this thing I do with wine I don’t love. It’s called Sangria. If you haven’t heard of it, then that sound you are currently hearing is that of me lifting up that rock you’re living under. The sun is out more often than […]

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